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Meatless Monday?

I know Meatless Monday is pretty popular. I am trying to eat better overall, and we are trying to be frugal at the same time as healthy.

My boyfriend is a carnivore, but also understands that balance is needed. We both agree in what we think is important about healthy foods, and we are both pretty open minded about things.

We are disusing starting a Meatless Monday trend in our house. I am not going to limit what they eat at school, and I will not stop the children from eating leftovers that may include meat. I will just not cook a meat dish on Monday (or maybe another night).

We are talking about starting this tonight, but have no real plans for diner. (I haven’t had time to write the menu at all this month, so we have been kinda winging it.)

When winter sets in, we eat more Indian foods, because the spices used in most curries are good for inflammation, and well arthritis sucks.

So I am thinking I may cook up some basic Indian food, but use bean and potatoes in place of the meat.

What is your favorite Meatless Monday meals?


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