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Pain Management

I am a big ole klutz. I know this is true, and has been my whole life. I have had arthritis in my knee since I was 16. I am in my 30s now, so for almost 2 decades I have lived with chronic pain. As horrible as this sounds, I have learned to adapt. You get to a point where you don’t know anything else, and I have developed a high pain tolerance. It really does take a lot to make me complain about pain.

Over the years I have tried different methods of pain management. I used to take pain pills, but when I saw that my dad at 40 could not take them anymore, I decided I will save the pills for when I am old.

I have tried to tough it out, but that seems to wear me out faster.

In my twenties I tried to drink away the pain, and although that did work, it caused it’s own issues.

Now I try diet and for arthritis that seems to work better than anything else…

Then I broke my rib


It really hurts…

My family was not concerned because I did not really make a big deal. Then the pain just got worse and worse. It was not until I almost fainted from pain that people realized I was in bad shape.

So right now I am trying to balance life, pain, winter weather, work and find sleep. I am thankful that I am healing, I am thankful I have a great family.

Pain Management is hard

No matter what your tolerance is, it is hard to deal with. Pain is a warning hat something is wrong, and it is important to find the cause.

Pain is also part of the human experience. This is an important to understand. This has become my mantra when I am in pain. If you are in pain, you are alive. If you are alive, you are blessed.


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