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Moderation in all things

I have always believed in moderation in everything. Balance in life is important, perhaps that is why I cling to Buddhism. I try to walk the middle path.

I know a lot of Buddhists are vegetarian, and I get why. Perhaps it is because I live in Texas, that I can not accept this in my own life. We Texans do love our beef. Maybe though I can’t not be vegetarian, because of moderation. I am not a carnivore, I am an omnivore. My teeth were built for that, and so was my body.

I have read about how it is possible to get everything needed from plants, and I have met many healthy and unhealthy vegetarians. It’s not my place to judge their diet.

Recently we started Meatless Monday in our house. My middle son seems disappointed every time too. The first week he poked around his casserole and asked where the chicken was. My hope is that as we continue this, he sees the importance of moderation in his diet.

Food is what keeps out body going, but it should be as good as it is helpful. We have 3 great cooks in my house, and we all have our own way of doing things, and we all like to make different things. Meatless Monday has become an eye opening experience for some people in our house.

Kids are at Grandma’s tonight so thankfully we don’t have to see a pouting middle child or fight with the boring taste buds of the youngest. I am excited because last week we found a new recipe to try. Acorn Squash Rings With Walnuts and Apricots from One Green Planet. We are going to change it up just a little but over all, this is dinner for us tonight!

I love acorn squash!

I love acorn squash!

Something to Think about:

Are you really a carnivore? No, you’re not. You have flat molars, and your not meant to be an herbivore because you have pointed incisors, for tearing and ripping meat. Animals hunt, not because they don’t know better, but because they are meant to.

No matter where you stand on the diet issue, do what your body feels is right, but change things up from time to time.

Change is inevitable.

Food is a necessity that is also pleasure. Taste is one our most valuable senses, enjoy it. Don’t eat rice cakes when you can eat well flavored rice. Don’t limit yourself, try new food at least once a month. Try a new recipe or restaurant. Buy a strange looking fruit, or try food from a country you never even heard of. When offered try new foods, even if it looks gross, because you may find your new favorite thing! That is how I learned I love Indian food.

My best friend and I were shopping and decided to stop somewhere new for lunch. We saw a restaurant we never went to and went in. Neither of us had ever eaten Indian food before and the owners were so nice. The recipes were family recipes and they made everything on site. We tried a little of everything (it was a buffet), and it became our favorite place. I have since moved, but I have learned to make a lot of Indian food. I just can’t get the Naan quite right. Recently I have even been experimenting with mixing my own curries. I am pretty happy with the flavors.

We do Meatless Monday help our moderation and budget


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