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A Bread Update

So recently I posted about making bread. I stand by that post, but I am always a student. I would never consider myself an expert in bread making.

Recently I was given a stack of cook books by my mom, and among the was a book called, The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book (affiliate link). I sat down to read this book and was in awe. I absolutely love her writing style and I have learned so much already.

The Truth is:

I am less than 100 pages into the book, and already my bread has gotten better!


The kids all say it is like store bought bread, but better!

What did I change?

The book is about whole wheat breads, but I felt the technique would carry over. I’m still reading the book, but yeah so far it totally makes a difference! I will go over how I recently changed making bread in this post, but also update the other post as well.

The first thing I just learned was STOP punching the bread!!!

This was a surprise to me, and it’s a favorite part for my kids, but I have learned that makes the bread crumble more. Crumbly bread is an issue in my home that we were adjusting to.

So what do I do now?

Using my hands, I carefully pat down the dough, pushing out the excess gas. Also she does not just let it rise until it doubles in size, but suggests that you test it by poking it. When you want to know if it is ready lightly poke the dough. Is it spongy or firm? If it is firm or the poke fills in some, then it needs to rise more.

Once you have pushed all the air our of the bread, scrap the side of the bowl and form the dough into a ball. Let it rise a second time in the bowl. Repeat the process.

Knead the dough, and work out all of the gases produced from the yeast. Now you shape, and place in the pans. Let it rise again!

In the book she gets into tips about shaping too. Rolling and shaping dough help keep it airy, spongy, and less crumble.

I am so happy with the results! I look forward to learning more from this book!


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