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This is not a real post: Heavy Metal detoxing is uncomfortable

Now that we are forced to accept that we are both at high risk for Alzheimer’s we have made some MAJOR changes in our house.

Since Aluminum has been linked to the disease, we are working on heavy metal detoxing. The easy past is the work out I get from cooking with cast iron. The hard part is the whole deodorant issue. We are looking into changing brands that don’t have aluminum.

The real hard part is the discomfort as the metal leaves our bodies. Since a lot of the aluminum enters your body through deodorant, this means the metal is being pushed out through your arm pits. It’s pretty uncomfortable.

I read if you make yourself sweat if goes faster, so today I have been cleaning and working out. I think I am now more uncomfortable, but I guess that means it’s working…


Anyway I will have a real post tomorrow


Update: 1/30/15 I found a way to soothe myself


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This entry was posted on January 26, 2015 by in Updates.
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