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Quick Update: Book Reviews

My friends know this, but I read A LOT! Reading is my form of escape. It is where my mind quiets and finds peace.

A friend of mine has requested I start writing book reviews. So that is a new goal. I have 6 books listed to do reviews on, and hope to get on that soon…

And now for something completely different:

St George & Dragon detail VCarpaccio

In my house we celebrate St George’s day. This is not very common for Americans and definitely not common in Non Catholics. It is a tradition that started with my grandfather who believes St George saved his life in WWII. He is honored April 23rd and remembered for being a Martyr and for still fighting in for the Just in Unjust wars. He was a crusader who may have killed the Last Dragon, but that could be a parable.

So on April 23rd we feast and honor St George and fallen solders and praise for those who come home safe. Last year I made a King Cake and hid St George coins in it. I also totally skipped the Hot Cross Buns. I have no idea why I skipped them because they are my favorite part. SOOOOO Since I can’t wait the couple of months to get my Hot Cross Buns I am going to “test recipes.”

Yeah… That’s what I’m calling it…

So once I have found the perfect recipe I will be posting that too…



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