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Book Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods

by: Neil Gaiman

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Because this is currently the best book I’ve ever read

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American Gods was my introduction to Neil Gaiman’s novels, and I have made it my goal to read all of his books this year. I’m not sure why I decided to start with this book, because all of the books this seems like this is going to be the hardest to write about.

I love this book, and the way it made me think about the world we live in. Change is inevitable but, the old ways never really die.

I could tell you this is a book about a parolee named Shadow, and forgotten gods. I could tell you this is an amazing parable about how we lift technology up on a pedestal as a nation. I could even tell you this is a story that is not really meant to end. All of these things would be true, but none of it does this story justice.

I really don’t want to give the story away, because the best part of this book was following the journey. I loved trying to guess who each of the old gods was by the clues in the story. I hate being thrown into an alternate reality without understanding it. Thankfully Shadow is thrown into that universe with you, and equally clueless.

The dynamic between the characters is believable, and so well written. My only disappointment was that it ended. The story was concluded, but it left me longing for more. Gaiman left room for more to be told, but made sure this story was told. I am excited that he continued the story for some of the characters in Anansi’s Boys. (My next review)

I look forward to more!

The best advice is:

Jump in with both feet, and embrace the book for what it is. Cry, laugh, and enjoy it. Don’t have an expectation when reading this book. Simply enjoy it. I cried at the end, but I did so more because I mourned that it ended. I miss my imaginary friends and hope to meet them again.


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