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This Valentine’s Day; Love Yourself

I am in a committed and loving relationship, but I have never made a big deal about Valentine’s Day. I personally have never even liked it. It is an excuse to spend money you can’t afford or settle for somebody that wont make you happy.

So I never celebrate the “holiday.” I understand why other people might. Last year, I asked my readers to love everyone for Valentine’s Day. This Year I ask you to love the most important person in your life:

Love Yourself!

Love is All You Need

Love often and daily! Never forget you have to love yourself! You should be important to yourself! Love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

There is nothing else to say on that matter, because either you love yourself or you don’t yet. Only you can learn how to see just how Awesome you REALLY are!!


Whoever you are, I love you!


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