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Snow Days make me lazy

So the weather here is frightful, well by Texas standards. I know it is worse everywhere else. We made the best of it at least.

My boyfriend did this outside my window at work 🙂

What I didn’t do was anything productive. My blood is too thin for this weather, and I was not made for snow and ice. I did little cooking, and almost no cleaning. You can tell by my blog that I did not even bother to look up coupons or write.

I did hang out with my kids so I guess that is productive, and I did crochet some. In fact I am very slowly working on this Go To Skinny Scarf from Living the Craft Life. I really like the scarf, I’m just finding myself easily distracted. I have to work today, and I am hoping I can get myself back into a healthy routine.

I did work on stuff for getting my Buy Nothing group going. It is still really new and I think I have less than 25 members, but I did do some advertising and helped some of the other admins out with things. Maybe tomorrow I will post a bunch of stuff to give away!

Maybe I will write a real blog post too… I have a recipe that I need to post, and I want to share something I started making called pig pucks… (More on that soon I promise)

I did take time to relax, and that is important. I even played The Sims 3 which is my favorite game, but I hardly have time for that anymore!


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