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Sustainable Eating: Pig Pucks (AKA Single Serving Frozen Broth)

Recently I shared something I found on another blog.

This has inspired me to make…


We had a big old ham bone that I boiled down for stock, also I think Pig Pucks is fun to say! (We now make all kinds of pucks now.)

I make a lot of bone broths in my house, but storing them annoys me. If I know I will use it soon, I just put it in an old bottle and store it in the fridge. If I don’t know when I will use it, I freeze it. This has lead to all kinds of issues. Like what if I only want a cup of broth? Now I have to unfreeze a whole bag, and find a use for it because I don’t want to refreeze it.

Most of the time when this happens I would just make a big soup with the broth and freeze that for bad weather days.

So the whole thing is still kinda a chore, until I started freezing it in a muffin pan. Something I have learned from doing this is don’t use metal pans. It is REALLY hard to get them out, but I managed with a little heat. I suggest using silicone pans like this.

This was so easy I can not believe I did not think of this before.

Take Bone Broth:

Pour into Muffin Pan:

I put it on a cookie sheet to keep it stable. I suggest putting the pan on the cookie sheet first. Also make sure you have plenty of room for all of this in your freezer before you start. I cleared out the bottom of my little freezer. I have a big chest deep freeze but that was too difficult to make room in.

My muffin pan holds a half cup of pork broth. (I measured it out) Then I froze these over night.

Remove from Pan

Store in a plastic bag, and put back in the freezer. Be sure to label and date them. I try to use the oldest ones first. Since each one is about a half cup I can use them easier! The way I make my broth I reduce it down for a rich flavor. I make sure to use at least one cup of water for each “puck.” Toss two pucks in a pan with 3 cups of water and two scoops of rice and I have the making for pork flavored rice!

So far I have made Cilantro Chickens, and pork ones. I have some left over soup broth that I am going to freeze now to use as soup bases. I could take a couple of those, some frozen veggies, and noodles and have a nice pan of soup for one on a cold day.

The possibilities are endless!


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