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The Boy Rises…

Watching my oldest son wake up is kinda funny. I laugh to myself every morning.

First of all, he is tall. He is the tallest person in the house. (He gets this from my father.) He turns 16 this summer.

Also he sleeps on the floor, taking up almost the whole room. He has a bed, but has always chosen to sleep on the floor, under a big pile of blankets, with a fan at his head.

It came from beneath the blankets (A horror movie)

Every Morning:

Me: Dante, be aware of the time. You have school today.

A mound shifts.

Me: Did you hear me?

The mound shifts more, and a groan of pain is heard in the darkness of the boys room. A long arm shoots out of the mound and the fan is turned off. There is a moan of pain as a mass of hair pushes free of the blankets.

Me: Don’t be late.

The hair groans in acknowledgement….

Me: Love you

More groaning can be heard as I exit the room… The thing from beneath the blankets forms no words until after it returns from the place called school…


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