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Getting Organized

I do not look like the most organized person you could meet. I am forgetful, a bit of a slob, and live in the moment.

I tend to live like water, going with the flow, and carving my own way when there is none. As a whole if you don’t know me, you would never think, “Oh that lady has her life together.”

Even my kids sometimes question my ability to do things, and even remind me when their birthday is. (Like I would really forget that?)

Okay so I might forget what time I get off work, and have to text for a ride at weird hours. I might sometimes forget to cook dinner and play it off as a left over night.

Truth is I am just tired and the little things slip sometimes.

I never forget the big stuff. I may be a slob, but there is an order to my chaos.

I am shockingly organized.

I have binders full of lists and charts and calenders. No really I do! I use them all too! This is how I manage to function on the day to day and month to month!

I am highly functioning disorganized Schizophrenic. Which is to say a barely functioning human.

The only way I am able to get things done is to have lists, charts, and calenders. This method has helped me keep this blog, my job, and pay my bills mostly on time.


My theory is:

If I can get and stay organized, I can help others. Over the last year, I have helped others. I have a system, and I am working on a book for the last year. I am really excited about this book too!

If I can make myself organized, I can help anybody!

Shortly before we started to move I was writing hard. I have recently taken a brake, but only because of the move. Once I am settled in I hope to have the book done before summer. I am also going to be working on some free printables to go with all of this. No promises on that because I am not sure how good I will be at that.

So if you have any interest in becoming more organized, be sure to follow. If you know someone else who needs organized, share this with them! The first stuff on organization should be posted next month sometime!


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