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More updates: Moving, How do you Move?

Well we have almost got everything ready to move. We finish moving on Saturday. This is the first move in many. We are working towards getting our own homestead.

Our lease is up but school only has a few more months. I am moving in with my sister to lighten both of our bills until school is out.

Then we are Austin bound. We will live there for about a year while land shopping. I plan on leasing a place for year there, and then I am we hope to have land by then.

Praying to the spirits to open the way for us! But 3 moves in 2 years is really stressful!

I am thankful this move is over spring brake! Kids get to be stress free at grandmas and stay out of our way! We had them pack the most important things themselves and mark the boxes so we can find those easy. Those were the first things moved!

On a lighter note:

I am still the best at cleaning cast iron in my house. So I have just finished cleaning and and oiling all of the cast iron. Once it is cool I will pack it away. Last week we made enough ready foods to feed us this week, so we don’t have to cook. The kitchen is pretty much packed up, and today I am cleaning it for the next people. I will wash the last of the dishes and we will just use the same plates, over and over. It is easy to hand wash one or two plates when you everything else is already done!

What do you do to make moves easier?

We makes easy foods (frozen burritos and pizzas)

We learn to minimize and give a lot away.

We pack “go bags” full of the clothing we will need and bathroom needs. Then we live out of suitcases for the week we move. We also make sure to have books, chargers and snacks safely tucked away in these bags. It is important not to forget comfort items. We tend to need these a lot when moving!

Don’t forget endless lists!


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