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Sustainable Health: How and Why to do a Lymphatic Detox

Detoxing Pains

If you have ever done any kind of detoxing you know it can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. I have done heavy metal detoxing in the past, and the first time I detoxed, I thought I was going to die. In research I learned about doing a Lymphatic cleanse. Not only did my detoxing become easier and faster, but over all I felt better!

Keeping a healthy Lymphatic system is very important and ridiculously easy. You will find yourself wondering, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?”

Chances are, they don’t know about it either. I read so much about heavy metal poison detoxing and how painful it was. People would say don’t try to sooth it too much because it can slow down the detox. Finally on a cancer related blog, I saw something. The woman said her doctor told her to try a Lymphatic Detox.

After much research I tried it myself. (Okay that’s a lie, I read up on it for about an hour and decided I had to try, because I was hurting too much.) It has since changed my life!

Why do I need to detox my lymphatic system?

What is the Lymphatic System anyway? Learn more here.

If your Lymphatic system is clogged it can cause a wide range of illnesses, sluggishness and can over all mess up your spiritual balance. Cleaning your Lymphatic system helps with any other form of detoxing. Your skin is your largest organ and you get much of your oxygen through it.

The day of the Detox:

Drink extra water. Good hydration is a big key to a healthy lifestyle but really push it the day of the detox. This will help flush your system. Make sure you workout or do activities to get a good sweat going. Do not wear deodorant that day either, because it clogs some major lymph-nodes. My advice do this when you are going to be home alone.

Sweat until you stink. Again make sure to drink as much water as you can. I put lemon in mine so that I don’t get to worn out and get some of the electrolytes back.

Not only do you need to sweat, you need to do some deep breathing. Get your heart and lungs racing, or even deep yoga breathing will help. Make yourself sweat and breath deeply at least once a day. You will be surprised how much your skin will glow after just a few days!

Keep in mind since you are flushing your system, you will loose vitamins and minerals you need. Make sure to eat extra proteins and salts. Be sure to take your vitamins that day too! The next day too, because you will need to replace what you lost!

Getting ready for the detox bath:

DSC_4614Shortly before your bath, you need to exfoliate. A body brush works best, but if you do not have one a dry washcloth will work.

If you have some kind of foot scrubber use that and start with your feet. If you have calloused feet you may need to really work on them, but if not, don’t scrub too hard. (Do not use a food scrubber for the rest of your body.)

Starting at your feet brush upward in the direction of your heart. Put some pressure, making sure to stimulate the blood and skin. When you get to about the chest area do your arms. Do not forget your hands, neck and back.

You want your skin to have a healthy glow as the blood is stimulated, but do not brush your body so hard as to hurt yourself. (I’ve done this, it is not fun.)

Be careful exfoliating your face, and only use products designed for that. Over exfoliating the face can cause damage. Brush off all the excess skin you can before taking your bath.

You want to pay extra attention to the armpits, chest, and neck areas. This is were many of your more important lymph-nodes are.

The Bath:

Almost any bath salts will work. Later in this post I will give you a recipe to make your own, and what to look for on store bought labels.

You want the tub water to be warm, but not hot. It should be just above the body temp. Pour your bath salts into the running water and let the tub fill before getting in. (I start the water while I am doing the body brushing.)

Make sure the bath salts are dissolved and that the water is high enough to cover your chest when you lay down. This is not a bath to get clean in, you should follow with a shower. Also I suggest you put your hair up if it is long.

Detox baths should only be about 10-15 mins. 20 minutes should be okay but I don’t recommend longer. While soaking in the bath do a lymphatic massage. This is where you massage the lymph-nodes in a circular or downward motion. If you have any knots near a lymph-node focus on that area. If not, massage your neck (around the carotid arteries and the base of the spine), your armpits and chest area. Women should also massage beneath the breasts.

Rinse off, and shower as normal.

After the bath:

Do not put lotion on. It will clog the pores and Lymphatic System, and other scents in the lotion may work against your aromatherapy. With regular lymphatic cleaning you may find you do not need lotion as much anyway.

Never do more than 2 detox baths of any kind in one week. Always wait at least 2 days between them. If you do it too often, it could mess up the natural oils of your skin that protect it. Too much detoxing can also mess up your immune system. If you are doing a heavy full body detox, you will find that you feel sicker and may have more allergy issues. This is normal. It is caused by the toxins coming out. Also detoxing does not just get rid of the bad, but it gets rid if the good too. You need to let your body have a chance to build up its natural defenses.

I also suggest getting extra probiotics anytime you are detoxing. Raw homemade vinegar, yogurts, and Keffer are good ways to do this!

How to make a basic detox bath:

Most store bought bath salts have the key ingredients, and smell really good too. If you are not looking for an aromatherapy aspect, the scent is less important. Read the labels. Does it have: Sodium Chloride and Sodium Carbonate? If so you are in luck! That is what you need!

Do you know what those chemicals are? You may already have them in your house!

Epsom Salts, and Baking Soda….

Yup, that’s it! You can make your own, and scent them with your favorite essential oils for a relaxing detox bath!

  • 1/2 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup Baking soda
  • 3-6 drops Essential Oils (optional)

Mix it into the running water.

For Daily Upkeep:

To keep a healthy Lymphatic System, sweat daily, breath deeply from your diaphragm as often as you can, and brush your skin daily. You may not be able to detox every time you bathe, but you can keep your skin healthy!

And ALWAYS drink plenty of water!

For extra measure avoid aluminium deodorant. There are ones you can buy without it, or you can make your own!

On Essential Oils:

Recently I started learning more about Essential Oils. I have kind of avoided it before because of costs. I knew it was one of those things you get what you pay for, and assumed it would be really expensive. I did not need to research the oils as much as the companies. I was surprised it was not quite as expensive as I feared. I jumped in with both feet and now I am a Young Living distributor. I am signed up for that more to get a discount on my own oils, but it will be nice if my oils ever pay for themselves!

If you have any questions about getting oils or a discount on them feel free to let me know! I will be posting more recipes involving oils, but most of the time you do not HAVE to have them.


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