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Do you get “The Mondays?”

For a lot of people it is a hard day because the weekend was so nice.

A few things to make you feel better about Monday:

Monday originates as having a connection to the moon. (Roman word for Monday: Lunae meaning of the moon) After work once the sun is down, take some time to look up at the sky. Breathe deep and meditate on the beauty of the moon. No matter what your faith taking time to honor beauty in the world will make you feel better!

Monday is also a good day to start actions. Have you been putting something off? Maybe looking for a new or better job? Why not today! Take an hour every Monday to do something you have procrastinated on. For me it is usually some kind of cleaning or writing.

Mondays in alchemy are a good day for dealing with emotions and feelings. If you are having problems with someone, Monday is a good day to tell them. Just remember they are dealing with emotions too. Express your feelings, good or bad. Dealing with emotional issues on a Monday will help you find resolutions to the situation. With the Emotional aspect of Monday, it is easier to spread your emotions. So strive to be joyous, and you will see that others around you will be uplifted!

In African Traditions Monday is also the day to honor Papa Legba. (At least in the house that I am learning in. Some800px-VeveLegba.svg houses use a different day.) Papa Legba is a powerful Spirit (Or Lwa) who I have come to love. He opens the way! There is no door that Legba can’t open! If times are hard, money is tight, or you just need help with life over all? Ask Legba to open the door for you! On Mondays I like to brew him a hot cup of coffee. He likes it Black as Night and Sweet as Sin! If I need him to open some doors for me, I always leave him a key. If you don’t know Papa Legba, I don’t suggest you go calling him. He is easy to get to know at least, just don’t trust everything you read online.

Be courteous on Mondays. You should always try to be kind, but make the extra effort today! Pay it forward as you can and bless everyone you can. Let your blessings be multiplied as you bless others. Monday is the day for that!

Remember, you read this. Keep this in your mind every Monday! Others may not know why Monday is really a blessing, so be kind with people who have a case of “The Mondays.” If you can, share your happy Monday Meaning, and make their world a little brighter!


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