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Sustainable Couponing: 5/4/2015

Today I am updating the coupons page! I am doing a big update, and may even adjust this post as I go. The Sustainable Coupons Page will always be the most accurate coupons and get updated the most. So be sure to check there for everything. This post will not have the older but still active coupons. Also always be sure to check out The Companies Page, because there are links to coupons that do not go away. (Linked through the company or facebook)

As Always I ask for your help! Do you know a company with sustainable and Non GMO practices? Please tell me so I can add them! I am always looking for more options! Did I make a mistake? Did I share a company that is not as good as I thought? PLEASE let me know so I can stop buying from them! Please keep in mind also that I try to do my own independent research into the companies before sharing. I do post some False Friends too so be sure to check that page out as well and see why they are false friends and why some of them are okay.

Recent Emailed Coupons:

Be sure to sign up for newsletters from your favorite companies! I do not sign up for everything I post about because I do not use those. I don’t have babies, and I am not Gluten free. Remember you may not be able to find these coupons on the websites. Some might be emailed only. Be sure to get the news letters!

Regularly offered:

Don’t forget to get your regularly offered coupons! You should be able to get these coupons once a month.

Other Coupons I found:

At Target:

Go to to print these. (Not an affiliate) Remember all Simply Balanced (only at Target) products are GMO Free! A lot of the Market Pantry and Archer farms are too. There are Market Pantry and Archer farms coupons I did post so be sure to look through them all!

  • $1 off Seventh Generation Hand soap
  • $2 off Seventh Generation Laundry Soap
  • $1 off 6 Gerber Organic Food (Get 8 and use with the 2.50 off below! You should be able to use both at the same time!!)
  • $1 off 3 Cascadian farms Organics
  • $1 off Archer Farms or Market Pantry baking items.
  • $1 off Simply Balanced (NON GMO!) or Market Pantry Milk and ready to Eat Cereal

Load to your Kroger Card:

Some Krogers allow you to combine both printable coupons and card coupons on the same item. There is an * by the coupons you can load and has a printable one as well.

  • 4x and 2x fuel points
  • $1 off Tone soap
  • $1 off Olay *
  • $1 off Oral B floss *
  • $1 off Oral B Toothbrushes *
  • $3 Off Swiffer starter kit, $1 off Swiffer duster
  • 70 cents True Lemon
  • 75 cents off Food should taste good chips
  • $2.50 off 8 Gerber Organics *
  • $2 off 5 Sprout Organic Baby Food
  • $1 off 4 chobani simply 100 *
  • 75 Cents Truvia *
  • $2 off Breathe right (Drug free allergy relief!!!)
  • Don’t forget to check your Best Customer Coupons based completely on your spending

New From

Please note that I am an affiliate of I do get compensation for people printing coupons from these links. I am only sharing the coupons that I know to be from companies I trust. Please feel free to share this post as all compensations go to making this blog better.

Careful if you go looking around There are a lot of False Friends posted right now!



Baby Stuff

Household Stuff:

Ivory was started by Proctor and Gamble. This is a company I tend to avoid. Here is something though: It was made a long time ago with simple ingredients and a good idea.  I am not sure how much it has changed over the years, but I do know it is good for making your own laundry soap, and dish soap. I keep several bars around for making my own cleaners and I have come to decided it is really not that bad in the tub after all.

Olay is owned by Proctor and Gamble, who I do not support, but Olay bar soap has it’s own usefulness in a sustainable lifestyle. This is one of the only soaps my daughter can use with her type of eczema. So I make dish soap and Hand soap with this so it does not irritate my daughter’s skin. This also works well for the homemade soaps for people with sensitive skin, or find that the other soaps do not work as well.

  • 75 cents off Reach Toothbrushes (This is NOT a friendly company. Owned by Johnson and Johnson but sometimes these sell for a $1 so this would be a 25 cent toothbrush. Oral care is important and large families need cheap toothbrushes.).
  • Also from Johnson and Johnson $1.50 off 2 Band-Aid First Aid (I feel the same way about this as I do the toothbrushes)
  • 50 cents off 1 Oral B floss At my Kroger, these are often on sale for $1  so you could get it for 50 cents I really support oral hygiene. Bad teeth often leads to heart problems.
  • 50 cents of Oral B Pro Health This is another on of those that goes on sale at Kroger a lot. This often works out to 50cents a toothbrush.
  • 1.50 off two Oral B Toothbrushes Only certain toothbrushes but this has been a great coupon for me in the past. I have gotten toothbrushes for 25 cents each with this coupon.

I want a Vacuum Sealer and honestly I have not yet had time to research them. I don’t know if this is a good brand, but the coupon is worth posting.



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