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I found a new place to get printable coupons! (Updated)

I know General Mills is NOT a company that I would EVER recommend. As you know I am an affiliate with While logging in I found an offer for a General Mills newsletter called Tablespoon. I was not all that excited but it offers coupons so I shared it in a local couponing group I am a member of. I thought well in case someone asks about what kind of coupons I will set up an account with my dummy email so that I know what it is like. I have to admit I was surprised! It offers more than GM items!!! I saw non GMO products listed for printing!!! It limits the number of coupons you can print, but it is a source for extra coupons! It has a lot of the same coupons from, so even if you are anti General Mills like me Tablespoon is worth your time!

They have recipes too, but I have not checked that out yet. I was honestly so excited to see these coupons that I found on other sites also listed here that I had to share it!

UPDATE: So this made me think, is there other sites that do this? Guess what! There are!!! I joined!

Just to be clear, this is an affiliate link. (Just the sign up, not anything else about it.) I do get compensation for people who sign up using this link. I promise I will never advertise something that I do not at least see some merit in. I get emailed offers like this everyday but most of them wold be useless to my readers.

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