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I have been inspired to create an Non GMO database

If you read this blog at all you know about the Sustainable Coupons pages.

I have created a new page. I cut and past the information from that page:

Changes are coming to this blog! I have a massive and almost overwhelming undertaking at hand. I want to change the couponing world forever! I have started an Indiegogo page to support my Sustainable Dharma NON GMO Couponer Database

Please check it out and see how you can help! Be sure to check out the perks on the page!

Here is the Text from the page:

My Mission:

It is my dream that ANY family, no matter their income can buy healthy food. I want people to be educated on the foods they buy! I also want companies to know, that we as consumers want better options. Not everyone can, or wants to have an off the grid homestead.

Why I am doing this:

I am a mother of 3 children, and I dream of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle on a budget. In this modern economy families have to save every penny we can. Extreme couponing is a popular way to save money where I live. The problem is that the easiest coupons to get are mostly from brands of companies who are not sustainable or filled with GMOs, artificial food colors and unhealthy additives.

As a mom I want my kids to eat healthy and we strive for a Non GMO lifestyle, but on a budget. So I started manually searching for companies that offer coupons for the brands I buy. I started a blog originally to keep track of this information myself. Among my friends and family I would get people asking if I had seen gluten free coupons, or coupons for baby items. Since I am not Vegan, or gluten free, and my kids are all teens I had not kept up with that information.

So now, every time I find a coupon that look like it MIGHT be healthy I look into the company. I add the information to lists and share the coupons with friends who fit those needs. I also started lists of companies that look healthy but are really not. The focus of this information has always been about coupons and discount clubs. If you want only non GMO or Gluten Free information that is easy to find. Finding the information to get discounts has been harder but not imposable.

What I am doing:

I do all of this research myself, but I do hope of getting the help from a likeminded person someday. Every day I look for new coupons from major websites. I add any new ones that fit my standards to the website. If I see a new company, I look them up. I look for their views on GMOs and sustainability. If they fit, I add their coupons and add them to my list of companies. This takes at least an hour every morning. I do this after the kids get on the bus, but before I go to my full time job.

I don’t mind doing all of this research and honestly would be doing this to some degree anyway. I admit as interest grows I find myself looking into companies that I would not really use, because I know my readers will.

Recently I have started contacting some of my favorite and reader favorite companies asking for more detailed information. I am hoping to do a company spotlight for each of these companies. Let people see there are more options for healthy and sustainable living than they may know about. I have asked each company about couponing, newsletters, and clubs as well. I hope to compile as much information as I can about the companies practices, options, and buying their products on a budget. I have spent almost all of my spare time doing this lately, and I hope to add companies I was not aware of.

As I message companies I am telling them my dream for this webpage and asking about products, and information they want you to know about. If I happen to get any neat swag, I plan on giving some of this away on the webpage as well!

What I need:

I am wanting to do a MAJOR overhaul of my website. It is growing past the small free wordpress blog that was meant just for me and friends. My sister is going to help with the tech aspect, so I don’t need too much money for programming. I would like to be able to offer her something as she is a broke college student.

My goal is to reach $2,000

Here is how I came to that number: (All of this is based on the price for a full year)

Webpage upgrade: $320 (Name, templates, and hosting)

My Time: $1,200 ($100 a month for a year)

My hope is that between money earned with the webpage, and essential oils I can work part time out of the house. I need time to do everything I want but can’t afford to do that right now. I feel that my time into this project is worth more than $100 a month, but this seems fair to ask. I can survive without this, but it will take WAY longer to get this going.

Essential Oils: $375

I recently started selling Essential oils, because they have changed my life. I see essential oils as a form of a sustainable lifestyle. I am not asking for money for the oils themselves. I believe in this, and pay for that myself, and through the sales. Since I am VERY new I need supplies for this upstart. (Books, a website through the company, business cards, samples ect) Maybe next year I can only work at home?! I would love for my time to be devoted to my family, this blog project, and essential oils!

Extra Expenses: $100

Little things that add up. Apps to help this project, cost of shipping items, unexpected maintenance fees, and maybe some extra advertising. So far all advertising has been word of mouth.

What if I don’t reach my goal?

I will do this anyway. This is a labor of love. It will not be as nice as I hope it will be, and will take years rather than the months I hope.

I want to offer a website with lots of easy to find information, easy access to sustainable companies that may not be getting the spotlight they deserve, and discounts to companies we love. I want to show that all incomes can live a non GMO sustainable lifestyle!

I also want to offer company sponsored giveaways, as well as giveaways sponsored by me. I want this to be a resource for low income families as well as families who just want to live healthier. I want to be able to consider all food lifestyles as well. (Kosher, Gluten free, Vegan ect)

What if I go over my goal?

Right now the idea of going over seems like a fantasy, but I was taught if you are going to dream big. So this is me dreaming big. If I do go over it will go to providing even more for the blog. Paying my sister for her efforts, and helping me spend more time with my family! I would be able to use extras for more advertisements, and giveaways. Better traffic to the website means more offers from more companies!

Extra money can also be used to help support small companies, food banks, and other charities.

I support working moms! I buy products from home-based businesses to help support the kind of lifestyle I hope to have as well. Extra monies will also go to buying items from people like this. Things like cards, gift packs, and labels that can be used for giveaways and other promotions. It may also be used to buy promotional products to help support sustainable companies.

Vote with your dollars!

Want your company included?

Do you have a sustainable or NON GMO company and want to make sure you are included? Let me know. I do not charge for this! If you want to donate to this or send product and coupons, that is welcome but not expected! I know there are a lot of companies that I don’t know about and something is going to get missed.

I have a list of over 100 companies I am working on getting information on. I am adding companies to the webpage as time permits and as the companies reply. I am contacting companies in a somewhat random order, and based on how often I buy them. I am also taking requests from readers, and I have to wait for replies from them as well.

Any company who contacts me, will be bumped up the posting list based purely on the availability of information, and their desire to be included. Thank you companies for doing business the way you do! Thank you for wanting a better tomorrow!

Other ways to help:

Is this a project you believe in, but just can’t afford to help? I completely understand! Every dollar (yes even $1) can help me get closer. I do need some help in other ways too! I am not skilled with photo editing, and could use logos and banners. I can use people who do have more time to help me research and find companies. I can always use the support from other people with the same dreams. Be a guest blogger, share this campaign, and contribute information on a sustainable lifestyle. If you have something that can be offered for a giveaway or as part of a gift box that is welcome too! All guest bloggers and companies who gift items or time will be remembered in some way. (Links, shout outs, and thanks)


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