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Company Scorecard: Annie’s

The Basics:

See: Webpage FAQ Facebook

GMO Free:  All non GMO items are labeled, they support NON GMO and labeling

Gluten Free: They have Gluten free and naturally gluten free options

Kosher: No

Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes

Mailing List: Yes

Coupons: Yes

I did email Annie’s but I found most of the information I needed on their webpage. I did ask about mailing of coupons. They do not print paper coupons, because they prefer to be treeless. I can respect that a lot. It makes me think, why don’t stores accept coupons from websites that are not printed? I guess it opens the door to fraud…

As you know I love sustainability so I love that Annie’s posted their sustainability report, and they won an award too!

3/19/15 – Annie’s Wins Acterra’s 2015 Award for Sustainability

Be sure to check out their For Fun page!

There is really so much to offer on their page I can’t even list it all. Even though I have been through it more than once I always find something new too. I suggest to sit down and really look through everything when you have some time. If you are just looking for coupons, I have linked to that. You also get them in your email with the mailing list!


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