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Company Scorecard: Bob’s Red Mill

The Basics:

See: Webpage FAQ Facebook

GMO Free:  Yes

Gluten Free: They do have a line of Gluten Free Products

Kosher: PDF List

Vegetarian/Vegan: PDF List

Mailing List: Yes

Coupons:  Yes! Find them Here They do not mail coupons.

There is a lot on Bob’s Red Mill webpage. I suggest you read through it all! Something I have learned is that Bob’s is a good addition for pretty much any dietary needs. When I emailed them they sent me a message including the PDF files I have listed above.

For those who need Gluten Free options they are a good company for that!

I asked if they ever mail coupons and they said the only ones they offer are the ones on the website. I am on their email list and they send discounts for their website often. Personally I buy their products from Kroger. They don’t go on sale that often, but it is a product I buy anyway. The $1 off coupon from the website is helpful!

Logo taken from the website. They own the rights to it.

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