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Company Scorecard: Knouse Foods

The Basics:

Both of these are Knouse Foods Companies

When I was looking up Knouse Foods I saw a tab that said sustainability. Obviously this caught my eye. How cool is THIS information they share? Not only is this a VERY sustainable company, but they have been for a while. Also be sure to check out these Vinegar Tips


they share! (You know I love Vinegar)


Webpage Facebook Applesauce Facebook Apple butter 

GMO Free:  Some products

Gluten Free: Yes

Kosher: Read This

Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes

Mailing List: No

Coupons: Yes also I saw some on Facebook too

Lucky Leaf

Webpage Facebook

GMO Free:  Some products

Gluten Free: Yes

Kosher: Read This

Vegetarian/Vegan: Yes

Mailing List: No but there is a club

Coupons: Yes I also saw some on Facebook

I emailed first asking about Musselman’s and was surprised to find Lucky Leaf included! They emailed me some great information that was honestly more than I expected to learn! I am so excited to be able to include Lucky Leaf because that one was just unexpected!

I emailed them and I felt it was just easier to quote what they told me, than to rephrase it:

Knouse Foods is a grower-owned agricultural cooperative headquartered in Peach Glen Pennsylvania.  We source our fruit mostly from the local growing area including the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan and New York.  Knouse grower membership consists of family owned and operated farms and in many cases third and fourth generation orchardists.  Growing quality fruit under sustainable conditions with judicious use of resources is a key operational goal of our members.

The fruit that we use is not genetically modified through bioengineering.  While many of our products do utilize ingredients that are genetically engineered, we also offer products that are manufactured with ingredients that are free from genetic engineering.

These products include:
Unsweetened Apple sauce
Sweetened apple sauce with cane sugar
Lite apple sauce (sweetened with sucralose)
Apple juice made from fresh apples
Unsweetened chunky apple sauce
Sliced apples
Chipped and Diced apples

All Organic Labels by their current regulatory standards are considered not produced using genetic engineering.  Hence all of our organic items are non-GMO by default.

They also commented on coupons:

We currently offer coupons through local newspapers, magazines, and/or through our websites: and  Unfortunately, we do not have a mailing list.  We will also be using more often, as it is a secure way for us to verify usage and help prevent fraud.

If you are a big fan of these products be sure to have and use SavingStar.

The logo was taken from Knouse Food’s website.

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