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More on Newman’s Own Organics!

So recently I wrote up the Newman’s Own Organics Company Scorecard. I said a lot of really nice things about them and meant every word! I exchanged several emails with the lady who helped me get information.

In my post I said I don’t really use healthier pet food, because of costs, and that I make sure the family eats healthy first. I did say I was interested in looking into the pet food loyalty program.

So she told me she was going to send me some stuff so I could try it out. Honestly I just expected a couple of coupons. The other day I was at work, it was my long day, and my boyfriend text me to say that I got a package from them. He knew I was looking forward to it.

I was shocked to see it was not a small thing of coupons, but a big ole case of STUFF! I was so excited! So my daughter decided to help me out.

I didn’t notice until just now that the dog photobombed this…


First thing I saw was those boxes of Newman O’s!!! (I had bought some the night before too so when the kids saw these ones too they were pretty happy!)

After fighting with the cats over packing peanuts we found two big boxes! One was a sampler of Kitty Stuff, the other full of Puppy Stuff!

 As you see… I had lots of help!

The Cat box had a small bag of dry food, two larger cans of wet food and 4 smaller ones. I honestly don’t remember what the flavors were but they were things cats like. I recall chicken and liver and stuff like that. I noticed they had grain free options though. I know that is something my mom prefers. They are all organic so they are GMO free. The kitties all loved them too! That night we gave all the pets some stuff.

The kitten is new, he was rescued 3 nights before we got the box, and that was the night we decided to keep him. He is really to small to be away from his mom, but there is not much option. He is able to eat wet food at least.

The first thing I noticed was the treats!


Our dog LOVES “the T word!” So the first thing opened was those Chicken and sweet potato treats that were shown on top. HE LOVES THEM! He was so excited I thought he might vibrate into a new plain of existence

Like the cat food, I saw grain free options for dogs.  Even though our dog is larger, we gave him one of the smaller cans of food that night. He is the kind of dog who will eat until he is sick so we have to watch his food closely. We only give him what he needs for a day at a time. Most of the time he eats that up faster than I could vacuum it. It was close to bed time too and I didn’t want to mess his routine up too much.

I also knew since the cats were getting cans of food he needed one too. We have not tried the peanut butter treats but we are sure he will love those.

So it is official

Our pets LOVE Newman’s Own Organics too! My mom inherited a dog with lots of health issues, and she has to be careful how she feed him. He can not have grain at all. I never realized how hard it is to find grain free food. (At least least she has had problems. I’ve never looked for it.) I told her about the different stuff we got from Newman’s Own and she said she was going to look where she is to see if they have it.

Thank you Newman’s Own Organics!!!

*Disclaimer: This product was free, but there was no request for a review. The only compensation I got was this box shown. I am sure it was a gift from an amazing company. I honestly do love them. I did before I wrote them that first email, and the more I learn, and talk to them the more I love them. This is a honest product review. If you can afford Newman’s Own Pet food I suggest you give it a try! Keep in mind they do have a loyalty club as well. (See the Scorecard for a link.) After trying these and with that in mind I will buy this as I can afford it.


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