Sustainable Dharma

Finding Dharma in a Sustainable Lifestyle

My Mission

My Mission:

I have two big missions, that really go together. I want to learn more about sustainable living, and share what I learn. This includes a healthier lifestyle, and skills I have learned.

Healthy eating is key to a healthy lifestyle. At this point I am anti GMO. Many people think that healthy eating is expensive and sometimes that is true. It is one of my goals to show people that anyone can live a healthy lifestyle no matter their income. I know some people need Gluten Free, or choose to be Vegan. I try to help with that as well.

Couponing is an important aspect of keeping my budget in place. One day someone I know said, “Why is there never healthy coupons?” and then followed up with “Why aren’t the big companies just healthier?” I agree with the second part but it made me think, are there healthy coupons? I have found many companies that do, and now I try to share as many as I can find.

Let me Explain what Sustainable Dharma is to me:

Dharma means truth.

The core of Buddhist teaching is called Dharma, but the word itself means truth. I personally see it as universal truth.

A sustainable lifestyle, is what is going to keep this world going.

Everyday I am moving my family to a more sustainable life. I am teaching my children frugal thinking, recycling, and healthy choices. We are slowly moving towards a real homestead of our own.

What is Sustainable Dharma?

To me, Sustainable Dharma is the daily practice of being the type of person that I want my children to grow into. I teach my children by example. Let them make mistakes and learn on their own, but giving them the tools they need to make the world a better place. By teaching my children a good life, they will spread that positive thought and action to the next generation. Through these actions we help save the world.


I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.


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