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Essential Oils

Recently I started learning more about essential oils, and I LOVE them.

In fact I love them so much I joined Young Living as a distributor, just to get the discount! In less than a month essential oils have changed my life!

Also feel free to check out my page on Facebook Little Bottle. I am new to this, so likes well appreciated!

This is not a page trying to sell you stuff!

  • Yes I love oils
  • Yes I am technically a distributor
  • Yes if you asked I would tell you how to buy oils and get a compensation
  • Yes I might even link to sales type stuff
  • Really I just want to help you have a healthier life
  • I am more likely to tell you how to become a distributor so you can get a discount too!

Oils are not a Cure:

The FDA is really coming down on people saying that essential oils are a cure to health problems. I want to make it cure that these are not a cure. If you are having serious medical problems see a doctor. Oils help with many symptoms and can make life over all easier but they are not a cure.

Why I love essential oils

  • They help me manage my weight
  • They help us sleep at night
  • They help with eczema symptoms
  • They help me get up in the morning
  • My cats love them
  • They help headaches, detoxing, and weight loss

More about Essential Oils

Here is an index for information about Oils.

Favorite Oils:




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