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Sustainable Couponing

I used to be really into couponing. I was never good food couponing, but I got all of my shampoos, laundry soaps, deodorant, and dish soaps practically free. These days I make most of my own cleaners.

We still buy food, so I have started to learn about healthy NON GMO couponing. A dollar saved is a dollar earned after all…

I also use an app to help my buying, called Buycott.  I have joined the Non GMO campaigns on the app, and try to scan the products we use. They include family trees of the companies that own the things you scan too. Vote with your dollars!

How To Use These Pages:

Each of the Sustainable Coupons pages has a wealth of information.

  • This page is more of an overview of all of that information
  • Current Coupons
    • I try to update all of the coupons I have access too, and keep it up to date. An update date is always found at the top of the page. If you find an inactive coupon please send me a message.
  • How To Coupon
    • Tips and Tricks for beginners. Includes ideas for getting more coupons, and ways to organize them.
  • The Companies
    • This is a list of Companies I have done research on. I am always adding to this list and include links to get more coupons when I am able. I am in the processes of doing a complete overhaul to this page, so keep an eye on it. Have you done research and found a company you love but don’t see it listed? PLEASE let me know so I can include them.
  • The Companies: Score Cards
    • This is going to be replacing the companies page above, but as of right now I only have limited amount of time to work on it. I will update this page as often as I can.
  • False Friends
    • This is a list of companies who look healthy but are not. There are also NON GMO companies who are owned by GMO companies. Some people choose to not buy from those companies, but as long as it is certified NON GMO I personally do. Those coupons are still posted.

These are the major stores I shop at

I am moving to Austin soon and will be adding more stores once I get used to those systems. I also shop at Aldi (who does not accept coupons) and Natural Grocer (who does accept coupons and even has paper coupon books). Look into your local health food stores too. They might have coupon options.

If you are familiar with another store’s couponing, PLEASE let me know. I would love to have help and a second person to write! (All Bloggers who help get all credit for what they do.)

At Target:

At you can print coupons to use at Target. Also Simply Balanced is NON GMO. It is part of a project to make healthier food easier to buy. It is because of this, I have started shopping at Target more. I would rather buy from them and support this. Archer Farms is another Target Store brand, and is often a healthier option than some of the major companies. Just always read labels!

Load to your Kroger Card:

Some Krogers allow you to combine both printable coupons and card coupons on the same item. If that is an option at your Kroger, be sure to stack up coupons where you can. It is good to know a store’s coupon policy so be sure to find out. If that is not an option the scanner will not accept the paper coupon.

I am an affiliate with so I receive compensation from all of those links.

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