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Sustainable Couponing: False Friends

What are False Friends?

False Friends are companies that seem like they are healthy and safe, but are not. Some false friends are non GMO or organic but bought out by a company that supports GMOs. Always read the label when something looks healthy, because it might not be. Just because it has big letters that say Gluten Free does not mean it is good for you. Radiation is gluten free too.

If it is still non GMO does it matter?

I guess that is up to you. I admit that do buy some false friends. I buy the ones that are non GMO. The companies may have been bought out by big brands, but managed to contract in their values. The best example of that is Ben & Jerry’s. They are owned by Unilever, but are able to maintain their core values. As much as I would love to only buy from fully reputable companies, I just can’t always. Also these larger brands can offer a larger distribution and manufacturing. Maybe by buying the certified NON GMO brands these corporations will learn that is what we really want. Also you are more likely to get coupons and better store deals with big companies. (With the Kroger Mega event and 6 coupons I got 6 Kashi cereals for $1 each)

False Friends that are Non GMO

These companies may be owned by untrustworthy companies, but maintain their own standards.

False Friends that I am not sure about

These are companies owned by companies that I do not trust, but may or may not have controlling power.

False Friends that are not healthy

These look healthy, but really are not. Always read your labels!


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