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Sustainable Couponing: The Companies

Please Note: This page is about to go through a complete overhaul. Please watch my blog to keep up to date on this. I am also looking for help for this too. 

The Non-GMO Project is a good place to learn more too! Please keep in mind, my webpage is more for getting NON GMO coupons. I believe in the NON GMO Project, but I also know many families shop of a very tight budget.


NOTE: I have recently started keeping up with baby items better, but I am still behind on learning about pet stuff. I add stuff as I learn about it. Any help is welcomed.

Non GMO companies that post coupons Updated 5/4/15

What are False Friends?

False Friends are companies that seem like they are healthy and safe, but are not, or they are owned my GMO supporting companies. Always read the label when something looks healthy, because it might not be. Just because it has big letters that say Gluten Free does not mean it is good for you. Radiation is gluten free too.

Some False Friends are more like Fair Weather Friends. They are owned by big bag companies but have managed to keep their standards. I still buy from places that are GMO Free.

Companies that don’t support this cause:

Although they don’t support a non GMO world, they can be sometimes useful. Until I find a substitute for these here are things I will post the coupons.

  • Swiffer Sweeper Starter packs:
    • Swiffer is owned by P&G. This is a company I try to avoid, but the swiffer it’s self can be sustainable. I don’t buy refills. I would not get them if they were free (they are with coupons sometimes). I have bought the starter packs, and then I make crochet and knit dusters and cleaning pads. I will post patterns someday.
  • Ivory Bar Soap:
  • Olay Bar Soaps:
    • More P&G but Olay bar soap has it’s own usefulness in a sustainable lifestyle. This is one of the only soaps my daughter can use with her type of eczema. So I make dish soap and Hand soap with this so it does not irritate my daughter’s skin. This also works well for the homemade soaps for people with sensitive skin, or find that the other soaps do not work as well.

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